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Cape to Vic Falls - Grand Explorer
South Africa - Namibia - Botswana - Zimbabwe

Small-Group Round Trip | Grand Explorer

Cape to Vic Falls - Grand Explorer

Mini Group Tour
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Cape Town - The “Mother City” is the start and starting point of this journey
In a small group, explore South Africa - Namibia and Victoria Falls
With the custom-built Sunway Safari Truck with 12 front-facing seats
We also hike in Damaraland
Our destination is the “Thundering Smoke” - the mighty Victoria Falls

Travel details


In cooperation with our partner Sunway Tours:

Comprehensive, action-packed and epic: If you're looking for a classic adventure in southern Africa, the trip from Cape Town to Victoria Falls is unbeatable. Along the way, you'll experience the most beautiful sides of Namibia and Botswana. From sunset at Fish River Canyon to early morning in Etosha National Park to days in the Okavango Delta, this overland trip heralds changes in every country.


  • Cape Town — Cape Point Day Tour
    Fish River Canyon — Hike
  • Namib Wüste—Dunes Beisossusvlei
  • Swakopmund — dune boarding & quad
  • Etosha National Park—Game Drives
  • Okavango Delta — Mokoro Tour
  • Chobe National Park — river trip
  • Victoria Falls — white water rafting

Icon Kleingruppenreise
Traveling with a small group
Icon Individualreise
Individual trip - booked especially for you
Icon Hotel
Accommodation in Hotels & Lodges
icon Zelt
icon Lodge und Hotel
Mixed accommodation in hotels & lodges and camping
Icon Mietwagen
Round trip in a rental car
Icon Geländewagen
Round trip with a rental off-road vehicle
Icon Minibus
Round trip in a minibus
Icon Safari Truck
Round trip in a special safari bus
Icon Limousine
Round trip with a driver in a car
Icon Beteiligung erwünscht
You should take part in this trip, for example when preparing food or doing the dishes
Icon Beteiligung nein
No involvement in set-up, meal preparation, etc. is expected during this trip.
Icon Trainings
This trip includes a course or training


Cape Town


Victoria Falls


Map of tour


City Lodge Hotel Victoria & Alfred Waterfront - Cape Town - 1 night
Highlanders Camp and Lodge - Cedarberg - 1 night
Felix Unite Provenance Camp - Gariep River - 1 night
Seeheim Hotel - Fish River Canyon - 1 night
Desert Camp - Nambi Desert - 2 nights
Hotel Pension à la Mer - Swakopmund - 2 nights
Brandberg White Lady Lodge - Damaraland - 1 night
Tarentaal Guest Farm - Etosha National Park - 2 nights
Terra Africa Guest House - Windhoek - 1 night
Ghanzi Trail Blazers - kalahari - 1 night
Guma Lagoon Camp - Okavango Delta - 2 nights
Riverside Hotel Chair - Maun - 1 night
Nata Lodge - Makgadikgadi Pans - 1 night
Thebe River Lodge and Campsite - Chobe - 2 nights
Shearwater Explorers Village - Victoria Falls - 2 nights

A comfortable safari with accommodation in fixed tents, chalets and guest houses, 21 nights with bath.

1 night in which two rooms share a bathroom.


Travel prices 2024:
€3.695, - per person in a double room

Single supplement: €805, -

Travel prices 2025:
€3.950, - per person in a double room

Single supplement: €830, -

(solo travelers Sunway offers to share rooms with travelers of the same sex. There are no additional costs.  Alternatively, you can book a single room for an additional fee.)

Tour Code: CVa21

Included in the tour price

Overnight: 20 nights - we stay in small lodges and guest houses with en-suite facilities.

Meals: 20 breakfasts, 17 lunches and 11 dinners are included. 8 breakfasts are offered by the accommodations. The remaining inclusive meals are prepared on the Sunway truck by the Sunway team, which can then be enjoyed around the campfire, boma or on the truck.

Transportation: We use custom-made Sunway Safari Trucks with 12 seats facing in the direction of travel with large sliding windows and a front hatch, which gives everyone a good view, comfortable and excellent for wildlife viewing. There are some long dirt roads in Namibia, but they are generally well maintained and allow a good travel speed.

Limited participation: An essential part of the safari is the involvement of guests. From carrying your own luggage to cleaning the windows to packing the vehicle in the morning, it's all part of the adventure and guest involvement is necessary to make everything run smoothly (especially on long days). On days when the tour guides arrange meals, assistance (in rotation), such as washing up, is required.

Not included in the tour price

  • flights
  • Personal expenses
  • drinks
  • gratuities
  • unmentioned admissions and trips
  • travel insurance

It is urgently recommended to take out international health insurance that also covers repatriation to your home country. We offer you through our partner Travelsecure.de appropriate insurance policies cheaply.

Minimum number of participants

See under 'Dates'



13.03.2024 - 02.04.2024
27.03.2024 - 16.04.2024

10.04.2024 - 30.04.2024
17.04.2024 - 07.05.2024 (German)
24.04.2024 - 14.05.2024

15.05.2024 - 04.06.2024

05.06.2024 - 25.06.2024 (English)
12.06.2024 - 02.07.2024

03.07.2024 - 23.07.2024 (English)
10.07.2024 - 30.07.2024
17.07.2024 - 06.08.2024 (German)
24.07.2024 - 13.08.2024
31.07.2024 - 20.08.2024

14.08.2024 - 03.09.2024
28.08.2024 - 17.09.2024

04.09.2024 - 24.09.2024
11.09.2024 - 01.10.2024

02.10.2024 - 22.10.2024
16.10.2024 - 05.11.2024 (German)
23.10.2024 - 12.11.2024
30.10.2024 - 19.11.2024

20.11.2024 - 10.12.2024
27.11.2024 - 17.12.2024 (German)

04.12.2024 - 24.12.2024
11.12.2024 - 31.12.2024
18.12.2024 - 07.01.2025


09.01.2025 29.01.2025
16.01.2025 05.02.2025 (German)
30.01.2025 19.02.2025

13.02.2025 05.03.2025 (German)
27.02.2025 19.03.2025

06.03.2025 26.03.2025
20.03.2025 09.04.2025

10.04.2025 30.04.2025
17.04.2025 07.05.2025 (German)
24.04.2025 14.05.2025

22.05.2025 11.06.2025 (German)
29.05.2025 18.06.2025

05.06.2025 25.06.2025
12.06.2025 02.07.2025

03.07.2025 23.07.2025
10.07.2025 30.07.2025 (German)
17.07.2025 06.08.2025

21.08.2025 10.09.2025
28.08.2025 17.09.2025

04.09.2025 24.09.2025 (German)
25.09.2025 15.10.2025

09.10.2025 29.10.2025
16.10.2025 05.11.2025
23.10.2025 12.11.2025

13.11.2025 03.12.2025
27.11.2025 17.12.2025

04.12.2025 24.12.2025
11.12.2025 31.12.2025

* Dates in bold are guaranteed departures, all other dates are guaranteed for 4 or more customers.
* (German) This tour is accompanied by an English-speaking expedition leader with a translator or by a local German-speaking expedition leader.


More information

Cape to Vic Falls - Grand Explorer


  • Explore southern Africa — experience it all — and enjoy the comfort of a bed every night!
  • A hands-on tour that offers an accommodation safari at a reasonable price. Lodged in chalets and cabins with a few nights in a tented camp in the Okavango to get closer to the wild animals.
  • Everything is included here: cultural encounters, adventures and wilderness.
  • Gariep River, Fish River Canyon, Namib Desert, Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, Skeleton Coast, Spitzkoppe, Etosha, Okavango Delta, Victoria Falls.


Why travel with Sunway Safaris?

We know that you have multiple options when choosing your Africa safari. We also know that you want to make as informed a decision as possible about your safari, what you'll get, what's included, and what you'll see and experience.

So these are just a few of Sunway's qualities and facts:

small groups — Small travel groups of up to 12 participants make it possible to experience Africa and experience this wonderful continent and its people. This is the key to our success. Our trips appeal to all ages. The average age is 37 — most are between 25 and 60. The variety of participants makes for a special safari experience.


2 Sunway Expedition Leaders — Group guides are the key to any safari. On a Sunway safari, you will be traveling with 2 qualified and registered field guides (FGASA) (nature guides) who make up the crew. That means maximum knowledge, informative and interesting travel. Our expedition leaders are passionate about Africa, its people, and wildlife, and they love sharing their knowledge with our guests.


Guaranteed departures — Departures in”bold“are guaranteed departures. All other departures are guaranteed for a minimum of 4 people.


package price — When we plan the Sunway routes, we make sure that each route includes the best highlights. On a trip to Botswana, for example, you should definitely have visited the national parks in an open four-wheel drive vehicle, that is the essence of the Botswana wilderness. When traveling to Zambia, be sure to visit South Luangwa National Park and take a walk through the wilderness with a local scout. When booking a Sunway Safari, all entrance fees, a variety of activities and food are included. We have included all highlights in our tours so that you can see and experience the highlights without having to pay on site. There are therefore no hidden costs. So this should be an important aspect of your decision to book Sunway Safari.

surety — Our vehicles are all custom-made. We ensure comfortable and safe travel. Each vehicle was designed by an officially approved passenger vehicle manufacturer in accordance with the latest safety requirements, it has a safety housing and every seat is fitted with a seatbelt. This gives you peace of mind when you travel on the often demanding roads with Sunway Safaris.  

Good2Go - Our commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism is reflected in our environmentally friendly travel style, where we only take photos and leave only footprints. As an African company, we have the right contacts to significantly change the lives of the people whose area we visit. In every itinerary in the brochure, you'll find this symbol, which highlights just one of the many sustainable travel initiatives we support.


solo travelers — Traveling alone won't weigh on your wallet, as the reservation staff will accommodate you of the same gender in a room to make the trip more affordable. However, you can book a single room or tent for a small additional charge.


experience — For more than 27 years, Sunway Safari has been planning trips through southern Africa. As a result, the routes have been perfected over many years. This guarantees the smooth running of a tour. We visit many highlights of southern Africa, but assure that we don't follow the busy tourist trail. Our guides have extensive experience in Africa and all over the world.


Based in Africa — Sunway Safari is an African travel agency, which means we live in Africa, we travel in Africa and our passion belongs to this wonderful continent. That makes Sunway Safari the best travel option


age limit - On all scheduled tours, we accept children from 12 to 17 years of age accompanied by an adult. We have no upper age limit. Guests who are over 65 years of age at the time of travel need a medical certificate showing that the guest is fit and healthy to join an adventure group trip. We have lots of travelers over 65 who are perfectly able to enjoy every aspect of a Sunway tour, both lodging and camping.


SOS tree project — Okavango Botswana

For hundreds of years, locals and nearby residents of the Okavango Delta in Botswana have been using the wood of the liver sausage tree to make their traditional “mokoros” (floating dugout trees). This knowledge has been passed on over all generations and has been a permanent source of income for them up to now. The number of visitors to the Okavango Delta is increasing year by year. This means that more “Mokoros” are needed and therefore more trees are cut down. Due to growth in tourism, liver sausage trees are unfortunately disappearing from this region. Traditional “mokoros” must be replaced after 5 years. This puts additional pressure on the dwindling number of liver sausage trees.


Against this background, Sunway Safaris has founded a project to convince “Polers” (Mokoro drivers) in the region to buy replicas made of fiber glass. These replicas last 10 years, are much more stable and are manufactured without any negative effect on the environment. Project implementation is currently still struggling to finance these replicas. Although part of our tour costs money for this project, further support is still needed. We also give our guests the opportunity to help solve this problem. For more information about the SOS tree project or if you would like to make a donation, please contact the Sunway Safari office. It is something that is close to our hearts and we hope for a successful project.


Local Payment

A local payment will be made for this safari not needed.



An essential part of the safari is the involvement of guests. From carrying your own luggage to cleaning the windows to packing the vehicle in the morning, it's all part of the adventure and the involvement of guests is necessary to make everything run smoothly. On days when tour guides arrange meals, assistance (in rotation), such as washing up, is required.

Recommended reading:

Before you travel, you might want to read the following books. These books aren't specific to Sunways' tours, but give a good background and understanding of the countries you'll be traveling to.

· Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela (autobiography - Nelson Mandela is one of the great moral and political leaders of our time.)

· Sands of Silence by Peter H Capstick (Tales of Travels and the Bushmen's Culture and Their Political Persecution)

· Skeleton Coast by John H Marsh (Wreck of the Dunedin Star and its Survivors)

· The Diamond Hunters by Wilbur Smith (Fictional Family Feud Set in Namibia)

· The Skeleton Coast by Benedict Allen (A journey through the Namib Desert)

· The Smell of Apples by Mark Behr (Story of Boy in Cape Town and then Army in Caprivi)

· Etosha by Daryl and Sharna Balfour (A coffee table book of photography)

· Newman's Birds of Southern Africa by Kenneth Newman

· Sasol Birds of Southern Africa by Ian Sinclair, Phil Hockey, and W.R. Tarboton

· The Safari Companion: A Guide to Watching African Mammals Including Hoofed Mammals, Carnivores, and Primates by Richard D. Estes and Daniel Otte

· Field Guide to Trees of Southern Africa (Field Guides) by Braam Van Wyk, Keith Coates Palgrav, and Piet Van Wyk



The best place to buy souvenirs such as carvings, tie-dye, paintings and clothing is at its best at Victoria Falls in Livingstone, where you'll find a wide selection. There are beautiful weaving works to buy in Botswana. There are also unusual and beautiful souvenirs and handicrafts to buy in Namibia. If you see something you like, you should go straight for it, as it's rare that you'll be offered something similar anywhere along the way.



We are proud to offer our travelers high-quality, delicious and healthy meals three times a day. Exceptions are stated in the itinerary, then we will try out local restaurants.

The tour guides take care of shopping and planning meals for the group. He/she will make every effort to obtain fresh produce wherever possible. A rough overview: breakfast - coffee, cereal and/or toast or occasionally a hot breakfast, lunch - cheese, sausage, salads on bread or rolls, dinner - braais (from the grill), potjies (stew), stir-fries, etc. We use normal plates, cups and cutlery. All cooking and eating utensils are also provided.

Of course, we cater to the special needs of vegetarians and people with allergies. Please register in advance.

Sunway Safaris offers the following drinks: fruit juices for breakfast and tea or coffee for breakfast and dinner. All other drinks must be purchased by yourself. Sunway Safaris does not provide you with bottled drinking water.


Difficulty level

Anyone who has a good overall health and a moderate level of fitness will be able to enjoy the tour without any problems. Easy camping in the wild is a real pleasure for nature boys and women. You get a little dusty and sweaty, but that's what makes Africa special!

The itinerary includes a few longer days “on the road”. The roads in remote areas are not in the best condition and the journey can sometimes be slow and dusty. Border checks, road damage or the weather can make some schedules a mess. But never forget: The journey is the destination! Take in the diverse, exotic impressions and enjoy the African adventure in moments when things are not moving forward so quickly.

Participating is an important part of a safari with Sunway. Loading luggage and equipment in the morning, helping to clean up, preparing food — it's all part of the adventure and when everyone makes their small contribution to the success, the trip goes smoothly. The tour guides prepare all meals themselves, but they ask participants to help with the dishes. Team spirit is fun!


What you should know

All entrance fees and fees for parks, game drives and the Okavango excursion are included in the tour price.

You need a valid passport and visa to travel to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. Please have a look at our travel conditions for detailed information on the current entry requirements.

Luggage - Luggage should be brought in a soft sports bag and not weigh more than twelve kilograms. Also think of a small bag or backpack for day trips, which can be easily stored in the vehicle. Bed linen is provided and it is not necessary to bring a sleeping bag or pillow. Towels are provided in most accommodations, but it is advisable to bring your own small towel for the pool and beach. On tours that visit the Okavango Delta, please bring your own small towel as towels are not provided there.

Money - We generally recommend bringing euros, US dollars or South African rand. However, please note that in South Africa and Namibia, foreign currencies must be converted into rand or Namibian dollars. Similarly in Botswana, foreign currency is not accepted in shops, restaurants and markets. Only Botswana pulas are accepted here. In Livingstone, individual activities can be paid for with euros and US dollars as well as credit cards. Traveller cheques can be exchanged in Cape Town, Swakopmund, Windhoek, Maun and Livingstone. Please also check the Sunway guidelines for estimated prices for drinks and food, etc.


Frequently asked questions about this tour

1. Can I buy memory cards for my camera? Memory cards and other photo accessories are available from time to time on the tour. A camera with a zoom lens ranging from wide angle to telephoto lens, 35-200mm, is recommended for landscape and animal photography. Each vehicle is equipped with a 12/24V cigarette lighter — but you can't rely on being able to charge your batteries there, so we recommend that you bring a second battery. Don't forget that you can also (almost) always charge your camera when using accommodation (SA220 V).

2. Safety? South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia are relatively safe and your tour guide will do their best to show you the most beautiful sides of the country and, by the way, to ensure their safety. In the wild, your tour guide will explain the rules of conduct — please stick to them, take care of your personal belongings and then nothing stands in the way of a great and memorable safari.

3. Do I need malaria prophylaxis? Yes, the tour goes through malaria areas. Prophylaxis is highly recommended.

4. What should I bring with me? All details are in our general tour information (available at www.sunway-safaris.com) listed. But the basic things are: comfortable clothing for warm days and cold nights, hiking boots, rain jacket, hat and sunglasses, swimming clothes, small binoculars are also very handy and essential — a sense of adventure.

Detailed information

All information about the exact itinerary, accommodation, routes and sights can be found here:
Detailed Itinerary *Detailed Itinerary*

* Detailed itinerary
Please note that our detailed itineraries are generated by our IT partner Wetu B.V. Wetu is the leading provider for digitizing travel processes and is based in Cape Town, South Africa. We have concluded a contract with Wetu to use the services and have regulated the protection of your data. Wetu's websites are subject to Wetu B.V. ' s privacy policy, which can be found here (English only): https://wetu.com/Our/PrivacyPolicyIf you want

The group trip described here is a fixed tour. However, if you would like to individually extend your trip before and after the trip, please feel free to contact us. For more information, see 'Book Ajimba'.

The offer available here is for People with reduced mobility only conditionally. But the same applies here: Please talk to us. We can customize your trip individually, even taking into account any mobility restrictions.

This trip is operated by our partner Sunway Safaris.


We strongly advise you to take out international health insurance, which also covers repatriation to your home country. Through our partner Travelsecure.de, we offer you appropriateInsurances On.

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