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Book a vacation in Africa, sustainably and fairly. This is how traveling with Ajimba works.

booking Ajimba.


Regardless of whether you prefer to travel by yourself with your own rental car, with a personal guide or in a group: With Ajimba, everything is possible during your vacation. Design your own individual, colorful mosaic. Each of the travel destinations we offer in Africa offers you a variety of facets that are worth discovering. Which landscapes would you like to be touched by? Which animals would you like to meet in the wild? Which people would you like to meet in their everyday life and get to know them better? Where can you lend a hand and help yourself for some time?

Together with you, we will find out all of this in personal contact — and then design a trip specially designed for you. It consists of exactly the building blocks you were looking for. But at the same time, it always offers you enough leeway for spontaneous decisions on site. For example, if you want to experience the sunset on the lake a second time. Or the morning bird concert in the nature reserve.

With our travel experts, our branch in Johannesburg and local partners, we also ensure that you always have a contact person close to you who will take care of any questions and incidents that may arise.

With Ajimba, you travel sustainably and fairly.

In general, we record your wishes with these travel components:
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Safaris and tours
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scenic highlights
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places worth visiting
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Enjoyment and culture
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Peace and relaxation
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Sports activities
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Personal involvement in (and for) projects
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Book southern Africa.

It's that easy to book South Africa

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You choose your favorite travel destination and get inspired by our sample trips here on our website. If there is nothing for you there yet, feel free to contact us. Perhaps you should fill out our detailed inquiry form and let us know your wishes. We will then plan individually for you.


Only personal contact can arrange your dream trip. Give us a call or make an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. We will then go through all questions and requests together in detail.


We will prepare a first draft of your trip — including your ideas and some suggestions from our side.

You will receive your trip as a visually attractive, partly animated or filmed personal and individually created website. You can then relax and see all the details on your smartphone, tablet or computer.


We will coordinate everything again and create your final, individual trip — again as a personal website.


You book your trip and not only look forward to it until departure, but can also find out about the people and possible projects in advance. Perhaps you will make a donation to a school and experience the lessons?


During your trip, you can always keep an eye on the entire course of your trip via computer or smartphone — using your electronic travel documents as a personal website or with our travel app.

For environmental reasons, we refrain from using printed documents wherever possible.

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Book a South Africa vacation

Vacation in South Africa.

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Flight bookings.

The choice is yours.

We'll book the flight for you.

We would be happy to book the right flight for you to your land program. We make sure to use renowned airlines that will take you safely and reliably to your destination.

As usual with Ajimba, the nature-friendly nature of your trip is very important to us, which is why we will automatically CO2 footprint, which is caused by your arrival and departure, compensate.

We will also take care of you in the event of flight irregularities (such as delays and cancellations due to weather, strikes, airspace congestion, etc.) and, if necessary, arrange alternative transportation, additional overnight stays or adjustments to the booked travel program. You will not incur any further costs for this.
If you want
If you want to book seats, need special meals or need to register additional luggage, we will of course also take care of this for you on request.
If you want
We strive for the best possible transparency and tell you about our Ajimba tariff and all its services. However, our flight price offer to you will certainly be slightly higher than the prices on an online platform. You have the choice and can of course also book your trip yourself (see right or below).

If you want

100 CO2 compensation through Ajimba100 CO2 compensation through Ajimba

You book your flight yourself.

It's no secret that flights are now sold via international online platforms, sometimes at dumping prices. Traditional travel agents and tour operators have long since been able to compete with this. And we don't want that at all. It's perfectly okay if you find a bargain somewhere, book it.

Many guests also have miles from various airlines that they would like to use for their trip to Africa. No problem, it's a good opportunity.

We would be happy to add an attractive land program for you, all you have to do is give us your flight details and we will coordinate everything accordingly.

If you want to offset your flight in a CO2 neutral way, you can of course also do that yourself. To do this, you can use our CO2 compensation calculator.

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Would you like to know more?

Please contact us using the simple contact form below. If you have a specific request for a trip, we recommend our Detailed inquiry form.
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