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Laptops for Africa | Labdoo flight sponsors wanted


Give children and young people at home and abroad access to IT and education



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Labdoo Deutschland e.V., Ahornstr. 22, 45478 Mühlheim an der Ruhr, Deutschland

What is the project about?

41,448 devices in total +++ 29,205 devices delivered +++ 2,515 schools +++ 786,361 students +++ 645.313 kg CO2 saved +++ 148 project countries
(As of 01.03.2023)

The Labdoo.org aid project is a globally active NGO and private initiative of volunteers.

The project collects unused, discarded laptops, tablets or eBook readers for educational projects at home and abroad, including for African schools. With IT donations worldwide, Labdoo.org wants to reduce the “digital divide” in an ecologically responsible way and give children access to IT and education.

So-called “flight sponsors” transport donated IT equipment CO²-neutrally as part of a trip that is taking place anyway to other countries and hand them over there so that schools and children and youth projects (“Edoo Villages”) all over the world are supported free of charge. Flight sponsors also ensure the return of IT equipment if it can no longer be used at some point and should be properly disposed of in Europe.

About www.labdoo.org/en Every donor can track where their dispensed devices are being used again. Labdoo volunteers ensure that the donated devices are correctly deleted in accordance with the recommendations of the BSI (Federal Office for Information Security).

What is the goal of the project?

The aim is to use IT donations to give children and young people all over the world access to IT and education and thus reduce the “digital divide” in an ecological way. Labdoo also provides child-friendly content on laptops in different languages.

Who benefits from it?

Students and refugees in over 1,500 schools worldwide. Orphanages and projects that aim to promote the education of children and young people receive computers.

What are the challenges?

For Labdoo, the biggest challenge is finding flight or transport sponsors to deliver the collected laptops or similar technical equipment to the recipient schools in the target area.

What contribution does Ajimba make?

The Ajimba headquarters in Bremen-Findorff acts as a collection point for laptop donations. In addition, workshops are organized and conducted at Ajimba to delete the laptops from the old data and to install new learning content. Together with volunteers, the equipment is prepared for transport.

As a further important contribution, Ajimba is organizing the transportation of laptop donations to the target areas. Guests can voluntarily bring equipment to southern Africa and drop them off at schools and projects on site. Ajimba is responsible for organizing this.

Is a visit possible for Ajimba guests?

Yes, you are welcome to visit one of the local schools and use your knowledge to contribute to the education of children and young people. Or become a flight or transport sponsor yourself and help to transfer a donated laptop to our contact person in the respective destination. For more information, please contact us or visit the website www.labdoo.org/en.


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