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Travel and help with Ajimba:

Labdoo organizes IT donations for African schools


The aid project Labdoo.org is a worldwide active NGO and private initiative
of volunteers. The project collects unused, decommissioned laptops, tablets or
eBook readers for educational projects at home and abroad. Labdoo.org wants to
reduce the "digital divide" worldwide with the donated devices in an
ecologically responsible way and give children access to IT and education.
So-called "flight sponsors" transport IT equipment donations
CO²-neutrally to other countries as part of a trip that takes place anyway and
hand it over there so that schools as well as children and youth projects
("Edoovillages") all over the world can be supported free of charge.
Flight patrons also provide for the return transport of IT equipment if it can
no longer be used at some point and is to be disposed of professionally in
Europe. At www.labdoo.org/de, every donor can track where the equipment he or
she handed in is being used again. Labdoo volunteers take care of the data
erasure of the donated devices. The guests of Ajimba can become active as
flight patrons or visit the local schools and become part of the education of
children and young people with their knowledge. Ajimba offers and organizes this for their guests. Further information is
available at www.labdoo.org or from us at Ajimba.

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