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Travel with social and ecological added value: Ajimba supports.



Ajimba gives you the opportunity to get to know a number of aid or protection projects on site – and to support them in action. There is probably no better way to implement our guiding principle of fair and sustainable tourism, plus your trip will be provided with a social and ecological added value.

The following projects are examples of our commitment. Please contact us to find out which project can be included in your itinerary. We are continuously working on further ideas for people, nature and species protection in southern Africa.

Your trip with Ajimba supports this and other projects.
SONNENGLAS® made in South Africa
South Africa

SONNENGLAS® from Johannesburg bring light into the dark

9Miles Project
South Africa

In 2013 Nigel Savel and his wife Sher'Neil founded the non-profit organisation 9Miles Project in Cape Town. Since then they and their team have been helping to bring children out of impoverished circumstances, to show them new perspectives, to keep them away from drugs and crime and to give them the opportunity for a better life.

Kariega Foundation
South Africa

The Kariega Foundation, a non-profit organisation, was born out of the desire to contribute to the strengthening of the local communities around the Kariega Game Reserve. Sustainable protection of wildlife species and their conservation is also part of this. The foundation works in cooperation with the Kariega Game Reserve in these key areas

Imvelo Community Care

The IMVELO Community Care Project creates a link between nature and people through the participation of the local community in tourism and wildlife conservation.


The aid project Labdoo.org is a worldwide active NGO and private initiative of volunteers. The project collects unused, discarded laptops, tablets or eBook readers for educational projects in Germany and abroad, including African schools. Labdoo.org would like to use the IT donations worldwide to reduce the "digital divide" in an ecologically responsible way and to give children access to IT and education.

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