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Sun glass from South Africa

Sustainable light for you - A ray of hope for everyone!

Sun glass from South Africa

With the sunglasses, you bring South Africa home...

SONNENGLAS® has now become the real cult product in South Africa. It saves energy, protects the environment and is fun. Now it's coming to Europe and giving us a bit of South African zest for life.



Ort und Anschrift

27A Baldwin Rd, Village Deep, Johannesburg, 2001

With SONNENGLAS®, you generate light sustainably and in an environmentally friendly and completely individual way for a lifetime.

The principle of this solar lamp is simple and absolutely brilliant: SONNENGLAS® stores energy during the day, which it emits again at night in the form of light. This method of generating light is sustainable, is an easy way to live in an environmentally friendly way and is simply fun.

SONNENGLAS® is equipped with LEDs that are charged via a solar solar module in the lid. When you place it in the sun, the integrated battery is charged and the LEDs then provide soft and bright light for many hours.

The SONNENGLAS® is ideal as a solar lantern, garden lamp, for romantically set tables, barbecues, camping, decoration, outdoor dining... simply for all outdoor activities where you want to create a cozy, idyllic evening atmosphere after sunset.

We at Ajimba love these great products!

Did you know...

... that SONNENGLAS® now one job for over 65 families offers and these people mostly produce it by hand?

... that only the original SONNENGLAS® the 12 months Guarantee extended to 2 years?

... that the interior has plenty of space for your ideas offers: sand and shells, dried flowers, colorful pearls. Just unscrew the lid and get creative.

You can order the products directly here.


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