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The bush is calling - for you for ranger training in Botswana

Together with the team of Galileo/PRO7 Holger was able to get to know the new ranger courses on site in the bush of the Okavango Delta. The resulting film will be shown on 31.5.2022 in the Galileo programme during the period of 7:05pm to 8:15pm broadcasted.

If you love nature and Africa, you shouldn't miss this highlight!

During his trip to Kwapa Camp This is how he experienced his very personal Busch adventure. His adventure week was full of exciting moments.
Several wildlife watching trips, hikes in the bush and even spending the night on an island in the middle of the bush: this trip is recommended for anyone who wants to get out of normal life or who simply wants to push the camera to the limits.

In a small group - usually up to a maximum of 8 participants - the guides provide a lot of interesting facts about flora and fauna.

photo: Sedrick Schmid

In addition to many bush stories, romance around the fire is also not neglected. In this way, not only are the experiences of the day worked through, but guards are also assigned for the night.

Photo: Holger Asche

We offer various travel and training plans, which are presented here.

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