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From now on Ajimba also offers trips to Botswana!

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"As a member of the forum anders reisen, climate protection is particularly important to us on long-haul trips." Managing Director Holger Asche and his company are not only focused on CO2 emissions. The local people are also important to him. All Ajimba journeys help thereby the people in the target areas to create future perspectives and improve the understanding of each other.

In the sense for our climate Ajimba African Tours decided now to compensate all resulting CO2 emissions with the flight and the land programs. That goes far beyond the normal measure because apart from flight also all on the Ajimba journeys in the destination area driven kilometers are compensated. The Bremen special organizer for journeys into southern Africa carries so the developing costs to 100%. With atmosfair gGmbH in Berlin a leading organisation was found, which uses the entire compensation in climate-friendly projects and thus helps the global protection of our climate.

mokoro on okavango

Join us on an exciting holidays to the fantastic nature and wildlife of Botswana!

With the Okavango Delta, the only inland delta in the world, Botswana has a unique wonderland that offers a home for many animals. Between May and July each year, the delta fills with water from Angola and transforms the region into another world. Glide silently through canals and rivers with a Mokoro, the traditional dugout canoe of the native population, and get very close to the animals.

In the south of the country lies the Kalahari Desert and there are also many animals to discover. Ostrich herds and the graceful oryx antelopes roam the dunes and salt pans, black maned lions lie sluggish under the few shade-giving trees and cute meerkats do their daily business.

Botswana is a safari destination without comparison. Unrivalled. Unique.

We can't get out of this rapture at all. Let yourself be enchanted and experience this natural wonder with your own eyes. On our website you will find some travel suggestions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further wishes for trips to Botswana.

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