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Discover the wonderful book "As the Kettle Boils"

In history 2020 will surely go down as the year ‘where nothing went according to plan’!  

On a worldwide scale, a pandemic of uncertainty, immeasurable morbidity, and an ominous pause. The world was put on mute! Like the rest of the world, Frank and Charmaine had exhilarating plans, carefully crafted itineraries, and ambitious dreams.  Then a very sudden fullstop.  

In this strange time of restrictions, the only freedom they found was in sharing daily encouragements, inspirations, and positive observations.  With 10 000km between Bremen, where Frank lives, and Botrivier, Charmaine’s home, the only means to share these moments were through daily pictures captured.  

In the words of Nobel Peace winner Elie Wiesel, “even in darkness it is possible to create light and encourage compassion.”   This little coffee table book is a hopeful reminder of how humans can support each other despite circumstances or distance; of the shared sacrifices that connected us to each other as well as our larger communities.

We have collected the thoughts and ideas that accompanied our
days during Spring and Summer 2020.

Buy the book here.....

... never tire to grow, ...  always hope...

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