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Ajimba guests hand over first laptop donation

Durban, 11. July 2018

Ajimba African Tours GmbH can announce the first hand over of laptop donations for the non-profit organization Labdoo.org. A group of language travellers handed over the first laptops to Greenheights Primary School near Durban, South Africa last week.

It is an essential part of the Ajimba philosophy: travel and commitment to the needs of people in southern Africa go hand in hand. Promoting this and thereby giving guests a new, different perspective on the living conditions of the locals is the core of Ajimba's journeys. For the first group of participants of a language course for adults, this point has now come true in Durban. They met with the headmaster Mr. Sonny Deva and handed over the first 4 of a total of 10 laptops which are provided by the network Labdoo.org to this institution.  In this way, school and pupils came together in a meaningful way on holiday.

Labdoo.org is a non-profit organization dedicated to overcoming the digital divide. Donated laptops are provided with license-free software and learning content before they are brought to schools all over the world in a climate-neutral manner by flight sponsors. 

If you wish to get further information about labdoo, please click here for the Labdoo.org home page.

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