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Ajimba brings Big Five and Big Bertha together

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"As a member of the forum anders reisen, climate protection is particularly important to us on long-haul trips." Managing Director Holger Asche and his company are not only focused on CO2 emissions. The local people are also important to him. All Ajimba journeys help thereby the people in the target areas to create future perspectives and improve the understanding of each other.

In the sense for our climate Ajimba African Tours decided now to compensate all resulting CO2 emissions with the flight and the land programs. That goes far beyond the normal measure because apart from flight also all on the Ajimba journeys in the destination area driven kilometers are compensated. The Bremen special organizer for journeys into southern Africa carries so the developing costs to 100%. With atmosfair gGmbH in Berlin a leading organisation was found, which uses the entire compensation in climate-friendly projects and thus helps the global protection of our climate.

starts its travel sales in the Golf-Club Bremer Schweiz by using 3 x 2 metres
large wall posters in the Ajimba African Tours Driving Range Box. Right next to
the Pro Box, golfers can now ‘dream their way away' to South Africa and
practice their tee shot at the 'Extreme 19th Hole' of the Legend Golf &
Safari Resort at Entabeni Safari Conservatory, Limpopo, South Africa.

"Together with our partners we want to develop a
family and mutual togetherness among golf enthusiasts and make communication
possible for everybody through active networking”. These are the words of Uwe Zubert from the marketing department of the golf club
"Bremer Schweiz". Together with Ajimba, members and guests of the
club can now also experience golf courses in southern Africa. The 3 x 2 metres
large posters of the Ajimba African Tours on the driving range are both an
eye-catcher and an incentive for every golfer. With a length of 361m and
a tee that can only be reached by helicopter at 400 breath-taking metres above
the green, this par 3 hole is considered one of the most challenging in the
world. Ajimba not only brings its guests to this Big 5 Resort, but also allows
its guests the best contacts to the people and their local social and
conservation projects.

You can really say, that Ajimba brings Big Five and Big Bertha together.

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