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Guest feedback: Travelogues Africa by Ajimba vacationers



We at Ajimba appreciate any honest feedback we receive from you, our guests. This helps us a lot to expand and improve our trips according to your suggestions. It is also very exciting to learn what has made your trip a hopefully unforgettable experience. The best feeling for us is when it turns out that you have enjoyed your holiday to the fullest.

Here you can read the Travelogues of Ajimba vacationers.

South Africa. It's always been our dream. Thanks to the Ajimba team for a very well organized trip to KwaZulu Natal. Especially the kindness of the people and the wonderful wildlife enriched our trip. Relaxation, variety, sun and beach in southern Africa, that's exactly what we needed in February in Bremen.


In February 2020 we spent wonderful times in South Africa thanks to the perfect preparation and organization by "Ajimba".


We have been interested in a trip to Africa for a long time and came into contact with Mr. Asche at a travel fair. Due to the nice and competent way we had a travel proposal for South Africa worked out. Everything was coordinated with our desires and conceptions.


I called the tour operator Ajimba by chance and through the immediately very cordial, helpful contact with Mr. Ash we planned our stay in Namibia according to our ideas.


Trip 25.03. - 13.04.2019 - Seychelles - short and sweet

With two islands and in between a sea voyage across the inner Seychelles


Dear Ajimba team, all we can say is keep it up!


South Africa is a beautiful country - two years ago we were able to experience this during a two-week holiday in the Cape Town region. So it was obvious, that it would be South Africa again, but this time the East.


I always had a dream about taking a group of English language learners to South Africa and Ajimba made my dreams come true this July 2018!


The first time - Africa beginner and repeater on the road with Ajimba

What exactly do you do with an African beginner in South Africa? The basics.


We can fully recommend Ajimba. In spring we spent our (dream) holiday with our family in South Africa. In the run-up we already had careful and competent help by Holger Ashche and his team with the planning of the itinerary and the focal points.

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