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CO2 Compensation: Conscious sustainable travel with a good feeling.

CO2 Compensation.

For Our Environment.

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In the following we have provided you with the CO₂ compensation computer of our partner 'atmosfair gGmbH' (embedded external website). Here you have the opportunity to calculate the CO2 content of your trip. If you would like to compensate this, you can do so here directly at atmosfair. However, we are also happy to do this for you, please let us know.

For climate protection reasons, CO₂ avoidance should have priority over other measures wherever possible. If CO₂ emissions cannot be avoided, at least measures should be taken consciously to reduce emissions as much as possible. atmosfair compensates unavoidable emissions for you in high-quality CDM Gold Standard climate protection projects.

atmosfair climate protection projects not only save CO₂, but also promote sustainable development through technology transfer and poverty reduction. atmosfair currently provides 90% of the CO₂ savings according to the CDM Gold Standard, the strictest available standard for climate protection projects. atmosfair also develops microprojects according to Gold Standard Microscale in order to develop new technologies and countries in which the prerequisites for larger projects are not yet given.

Conscious sustainable travel with a good feeling.

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