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Fascinating southern Africa.

touching, fair and sustainable experience.

Travel to the fascinating southern African countries with the good feeling of getting close to the local people and helping them with own efforts. Enjoy being touched by landscapes of all facets and being fascinated by wild animals, while protecting flora and fauna in the best possible way. Experience a harmonious interplay of luxury under stars and exclusive simplicity on an individually created journey. We at Ajimba will do everything to ensure that you are not a tourist in Africa. With a careful look at every detail of your journey and love for what we do. Sustainable, fair and transparent.

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Our commitment to the environment extends to a 100% compensation for all CO₂-emissions which are generated by your trip. This applies to the entire land program and to all flights booked with us. 

Toaccomplish this, we have partnered with atmosfair, a German non-profit organization and award winner for CO₂ mitigation. Our contributions to atmosfair are used to promote, develop and finance UN-certified renewable energies projects worldwide.

We realize that compensation is not a "panacea", but rather a transitional solution and meaningful contribution to the achievement of climate goals. We support atmosfair’s work on the development of technical transportation solution which will eventually eliminate problem-free biofuels and produce zero-emission aircraft.

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It is a good feeling to be a silent observer, just as to be an active participant. You can combine both positions in your holiday with Ajimba. You should do it. Because the feeling for a country is mainly caused by the proximity to its people.

Those who want to actively support the inhabitants with advice and action are very welcome to participate in our projects. These are currently limited, but we are still young and will steadily expand their number. This will be the case because we believe that every form of exchange is important as well for the personal, as for the balance in the world.

Gaining experience, communicating and preserving appreciation and getting to know the local morals and customs – we would like to make these precious moments, days or nights possible for you. You can find out more about this under Tours.

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By choosing Ajimba, you support the success of local producers who supply your hosts. For example, you will find agricultural delights and certified products in our selected Hotels and Logdes, if ever it is possible.

They reach these accommodations on the shortest possible delivery routes and are produced sustainably respectively in organic quality – with all the positive effects that this has for the local labour market as well as for climate protection.

Just employment contracts are important to us. This is also part of the audits by our partner Fair Trade tourism Africa.

This is the only way we can ensure that local people really benefit from their visit and that they can develop a higher standard of living in the long term.

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We take climate protectionvery seriously. And we know that our journeys increase the CO₂ share in the world's climate. But not traveling has negative impacts on nature and species conservation, jobs in Southern Africa,preservation of cultural identity and much more. Therefore, as a responsible tour operator of the future, we compensate 100% of CO₂ emissions generated by your trip. This includes your land arrangement and all flights (including long-haul flights) booked through us. Our CO₂ mitigation partner is atmosfair, test winner at German magazin Stiftung Warentest in 2018.

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We are a member of the TourCert community and qualify for the ecological and social standards of TourCert. Based on a self-assessment we implement a CSR action plan which is reported annually to TourCert.
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In addition, we are a member of the Forum Anders Reisen. More than 100 tour operators who are committed to sustainable tourism are united in this association. The name stands for special travel experiences that are oriented towards people and the environment.
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Moreover, we are a member of Fair Trade Tourism. This is a non-profit organization that promotes best practice methods for responsible tourism in Africa. The organization sharpens awareness and supports tourist companies to act more sustainably.
For environmental reasons we work without printed documents wherever it is possible. In order to minimise the consumption of raw materials we also resign to produce paper catalogues, use 100% green energy for our business operations, drive – if this is possible - with trains instead of cars and do not move any company cars, but bicycles. Of course, we compensate the CO2 emissions caused by necessary flights. Even if we act on a rather small scale, every step we take with you, our guests, on your journey, ultimately contributes to achieving this great goal. It is the basis of our actions. As an example, for us the CO2 compensation for all transports on-site as well as for all flights counts as a way to protect the climate. Extending this climate protection to all service providers is our goal. With our partner atmosfair you can compensate your carbon footprint here.
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Discover southern africa.

traveling to the origin of everything.

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Holger Asche

Holger Asche is a genuine North German and has worked as a travel merchant for many years in leading positions for travel agencies, special and major tour operators, shipping companies and airlines - interrupted only by a tourism business studies degree and a visit to the WITS Business School in Johannesburg. It was there that Holger's deep love for Africa germinated for the first time and grew stronger with each further business and private trip. Sometimes just a long weekend, but rather three weeks with the whole family – as long as Holger is in Africa! What could be more natural than to show other people the beauty and diversity of this fantastic continent together with his long-time friends Jan and Frank?

Jan Seidel

Jan Seidel was born in South Africa and heads our Johannesburg office. Having grown up there, he wanted to emigrate to Germany – his father's home country – as a Twen, but returned to his beloved African homeland after only three months. Here he became Customer Service Manager at Lufthansa, later moving to British Airways, where he headed the international Contact Center for many years. In more than 22 years of tourism Jan has traveled around the world. But nowhere has the cultural and natural diversity of a continent touched him more than in South Africa. Even today, he is often on the move here; looking for a photo motif for a beautiful African sunset or buffaloes that whirl through the open grasslands in a dusty atmosphere.

Frank Wardenberg

Frank Wardenberg is a long-time sales expert with a keen sense of wishes and desires. As a graduate in business administration (BA), he managed sales and marketing for a British Airways subsidiary for twelve years. Then his more than 20 years of experience in tourism, a strong team spirit and his friends Jan and Holger joined forces to form Ajimba African Tours. For Frank there is nothing more beautiful than to share his passion for people and cultures with his love for travelling – for this he brings his wide-meshed network to Ajimba. Getting closer to the local people is a worthwhile incentive, which he can also realize at Ajimba, using the example of many educational projects that Frank has supported with computer donations in Africa for years.

ConsCiously going new ways
Join us

Ajimba leaves beaten tracks – for travelling with the consciousness of wanting to give something back to people and nature. For this purpose, we exclusively work with partners, hotel and lodge operators who are socially active in their local communities, have established or support foundations for the help of local people or schools, primarily employ locals and pay fair wages. Therefor we enable you to support projects on-site with advice and action. Through our commitment to a travel offer that focuses on human rights, working conditions, environmental protection and sustainability we give you the opportunity to get to know southern Africa with its touching flora and fauna and its open people in a conscious way. We invite everybody to join the high standards of creating a holistic experience of people and nature with a journey. A journey that you will start with a good feeling and from which you'll return with an even better one.

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