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9Miles Project

9Miles Project helps children from townships in Cape Town

9Miles Project

Afterschool support and care for children and young people

“Surfing has taught our students that if you work hard anything is possible… that waves & challenges will always come but it is up to us to decide if we’ll give up or ride them”

Nigel Savel, Founder

Foundation Year



Cape Town
Strandfontein Pavilion Corner of Baden Powell Drive, Strandfontein Rd, Strandfontein, Cape Town, 7798, Cape Town


What is the project about?

In 2013 Nigel Savel and his wife Sher'Neil founded the non-profit organisation 9Miles Project in Cape Town. Since then, they and their team have been helping to bring children out of impoverished circumstances, giving them new perspectives, keeping them away from drugs and crime and giving them the opportunity for a better life. Surfing plays an important role in bringing discipline, life experiences and independence to the children. In addition to the sports aspect, the project also teaches the children manual skills, including building surfboards. 9Miles Project gives children from the area a safe place to experience the feeling of community.

What is the project's aim? 

The aim is to to create sustainable opportunities for high-risk youth from impoverished townships and coastal communities, and to motivate, empower, equip and empower them through the provision of additional education, literacy courses, teaching, life experiences and leadership training, including sports (especially surfing).

Who benefits from the project?

Children from Khayelitsha Township, Mitchells Plains

What are the challenges?

The areas where children grow up are defined by poverty, with associated hunger, crime and drugs.

How does Ajimba contribute?

We are in contact with the 9Miles Project team directly. This gives us the opportunity to organize a visit to the community for our guests. Due to the cooperation with the cross-national aid project Labdoo, some laptops have already been made available to the 9Miles Project team.

Is a visit for Ajimba guests possible?

Yes, it is possible to visit the pavilion at the beach for a tea/coffee and common beach activities like surfing. Prior arrangement is required to allow the organization a minimum of 2 weeks notice. Unfortunately, it is not possible to visit the pavilion on Friday afternoons, weekends or during holidays. There are no costs for you, except possible transfer costs. Of course the community would be very happy about a small donation (in the amount of approx. 5€).


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